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Custom IC design

Custom IC design
Custom IC design

Over the years, AnSem's IC design engineers have build up a large experience in designing challenging, state-of-the-art analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits that have consistently exceeded customer expectations.

IC designs have been made in BiCMOS and CMOS technologies, ranging from 0.35μm to 40nm and from very low frequencies up to the 10 GHz range.

While we continue to push the boundaries in analog design, we always take care that our designs fit with the customers' financial and timing budgets.

So if you are looking for that ultimate breakthrough in full-custom analog IC design, be it in lowering cost, or reducing power consumption, or increasing integration levels or circuit performance, there's really only one place to go !

Our team of highly experienced IC designers will welcome you and the IC design challenges that you bring us.

AnSem's custom IC key expertise includes:

  • Wired data transmission (Line driver/Receiver, PLL & CDR, SerDes,...)
  • Wireless data transmission (40KHz Ultrasonic, 13.56MHz RFID, 200MHz medical, 434/868MHz ISM, 2.4GHz Low Energy, 6GHz professional radio & WiMAx, Full radio concept, architecture & IC circuit design down to 40nm,...)
  • Sensor data acquisition (High precision (V,T) drivers for multiple types of sensors and MEMS, High voltage drivers for array of MEMS switches,...)
  • Ultra low-power (200MHz radio operating from a battery down to 0.9V, Ultra low power deserialisers up to 6Gbps, remote control for configuration of implants, wake up circuits,...)
  • High voltage (MI inductive links for short range energy & data transfer, Power management: DCDC, LDO, MEMS drivers,...)