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Wired data transmission

Wired data transmission
Wired data transmission

AnSem's wired communication technology extends from multi gigabit serial data links to broadband wired communication for multi-media home networks offering more than 200Mbps bandwidth to the user.

Our Serialiser and Deserialiser (SerDes) technology has been embedded in ASICs complying with SONET and XAU standards, while our fully integrated Analog Front-End (AFE) for the multimedia home market complies with standards like HomePNA, Moca and G.Hn. These ASICs can be connected to any type of cable: phone line, coax and powerline or proprietary cables in industrial, automotive or aerospace markets.

AnSem's success lies in its in-depth system level understanding of the application and its proprietary design techniques, using in-house developed tools that can map a system level specification like SINAD onto noise and linearity specifications for the underlying blocks. Complex 1024 QAM modulation with OFDM can as such be mapped onto the best suited architecture, delivering the required high linearity and low noise performance. The RX and TX paths are complemented by best-in-class ADCs and DACs.

Key expertise

  • Multi gigabit data communication circuits and systems for both optical and electrical networks
    • Silicon proven SerDes for many standards and data-rates: SONET (OC3-OC192), XAUI, Rapid I/0, PCI-Express,...
    • Full CMOS integration of laser drivers, trans-impedance amplifiers, line drivers and receivers
    • Silicon proven data rates up to 10 Gbps
    • System and circuit level expertise
  • Stable high-speed clock and data-recovery circuits
    • Low jitter generation with both ring oscillator and LC oscillator based architectures
    • 200+Msps 12b AD Converters
    • 200+Msps DA converters
    • Low noise PGAs
    • Tunable filters
    • Integrated line drivers
  • Technologies: 0.18µm down to 65nm in CMOS process

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