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Ultra low power

Ultra low power
Ultra low power

AnSem has been delivering ASICs optimized for low power, single battery applications since its early days.  Single battery operation requires technology that supports supply voltages as low as 0.9V. Additionally, to achieve breakthrough battery lifetimes, AnSem have developed ASICs supporting wireless data transmission at less than 10nJ/bit, 5 times better than our closest competition.

To achieve such ultra low-power performance, we look at the whole system, including the architecture, the operating voltage, the start-up sequence and intelligent power management of the radio by the microcontroller. 

Embedded power management has long been key in offering Energy Efficient Green Technology, with on-chip LDOs, on chip multiple supply levels provided by embedded DC-DC converters and switched mode power supplies.

With its latest research project on Energy harvesting, AnSem continues investing in innovative design techniques for Energy Efficient Green ultra low power.

Key expertise

  • Ultra Low power architecture
    • Optimal choice of operating frequency
    • Low battery voltage operation
    • Right technology node
  • Advanced intelligent power management
    • Advanced operating modes
    • Low start-up energy
    • Low power down currents
  • Switched-capacitor design techniques:
    • Switched-opamp
    • Delta-Sigma AD and DA
    • Advanced chopping techniques
  • Ultra low power Wireless TRX
    • Data transmission with less than 10 nJ/bit
  • Temperature measurement and compensation techniques

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