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Sensor data acquisition

Sensor data acquisition
Data acquisition

With its data acquisition technology, AnSem serves a broad range of applications and markets. Our ASICs have proven to be enablers for customers in markets like medical data logging for personal health care. The covered applications range from high accuracy, low power sensor readouts to high definition video image sampling. Often the applications require the use of multiple technologies, e.g. combining low voltage with CMOS RF and temperature calibration techniques.

Best-in-class analog to digital converters (ADC) and digital to analog converters (DAC) are key components in our data acquisition offering to our customers. AnSem continually keeps investing in these core building blocks, adding calibration techniques, on chip low-jitter DLL and dedicated I/Os to support high data rates.

Key expertise

  • Advanced sensor read-out circuits
  • Analog and/or digital signal processing
  • State of the art ADC know-how: 8 to 16 bit accurate, sample rates upto Gs/s and power down to 50µA @ 0.9V
    • Delta-Sigma ADC
    • Pipelined ADC for e.g. Video and wireless applications
    • Flash ADC for e.g. Test & Measurement applications
  • Delta Sigma and Current Steering DAC architectures, 10 to 16 bit accurate with sample rates up to 500Ms/s for e.g. audio, wireless and video applications.

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