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Embedded digital design

Embedded digital design

Ultra low power


Just as an Oscar winning actor needs the support of his fellow actors in order to shine, so AnSem's digital design expertise is always there to support our world class analog capability.

Analog circuits do not stand alone

There is no such thing as an analog ASIC or, for that matter, a digital ASIC; they are all, deep down, mixed signal devices. A digital circuit can only access the real world via an analog circuit.

An analog circuit often feeds, and is controlled by, a microcontroller. For example ultra low power circuits are achieved through low duty cycle operation and this duty cycle is best implemented using low power digital techniques.

Complex radio systems like OFDM require equally complex analog and digital components. Highly linear, low noise radio channels are partnered with high speed, high accuracy ADCs and DACs connected to a digital baseband including FFT/iFFT, Convolutional encoding and Viterbi decoding utilizing DSPs or proprietary digital signal processing elements. This raw data is inevitably fed to a microprocessor running a MAC and software stack. Only then can the radio link be made. Software Defined Radio (SDR), ironically, makes extreme demands on the analog front end to allow it to morph into supporting multiple radio standards. For instance, while some radio standards need high ENOB ADCs and DACs, others need high sample rate ADCs and DACs. The combination pushes the boundaries of the possible.

AnSem's mixed-signal capability

Along side our analog capability, AnSem has built up an extensive mixed signal capability ranging from simple digital control, filtering and auto-calibration circuits to full blown DSP and Microprocessor systems including RAM, ROM and peripherals. Our capability allows AnSem to select the right system partitioning, choosing the correct mix of analog, digital and software techniques to best meet our customer's needs. This experience is vital when it comes to translating our customer's application into a viable solution on silicon. We recognize that each application is unique and a large solution space needs a large portfolio of IP partnered with the experience to create new custom solutions as required.

Key expertise

  • Embedded microcontrollers from 8 bit (e.g. 8051) to 32 bit (e.g. ARM Cortex M3)
  • Embedded DSP experience from 16 bit, fixed point (e.g ADSP2100) to Vector processing engines (e.g. Coolflux)
  • Hard coded DSP elements (e.g. FIR, FFT, Viterbi)
  • Bus interfaces (e.g SPI, AMBA, I2C)