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High voltage

High voltage

Modern day IC technologies are designed to run at ever lower operating voltages to achieve optimal power saving. Interfacing with the real world cannot always be achieved at low voltages. High voltage BCD technologies are available to support power electronic applications. AnSem is however specialized in using these high voltage technologies at low power. MEMs drivers, Power Line Communications (PLC) PHYs and nerve stimulation in implantable medical devices are examples that need to drive high voltages at high efficiency and low power.

As a natural extension of our ultra-low power expertise and market focus, we have built up extensive experience of high voltage BCD technologies with voltages up to 80V and output powers up to 3W. However it is when we bring our ultra low power experience together with our high voltage that we really excel. How about a DAC with a +20V output voltage and a few micro-amps of power consumption? Or a micro-watt power harvester that can operate efficiently over a range from 0.5V to 6V, no problem!

High voltage environments can be hard on small geometry CMOS processes. AnSem has developed a specialized ESD methodology required to protect high voltage circuits from inductive spikes taking ASIC IOs beyond their supply voltages.

Key expertise

  • Experience of multiple high voltage processes
  • Fully integrated energy scavenging / power conditioning circuitry
  • High voltage MEMS drivers
  • High voltage class-AB line drivers for PLC (powerline communication)
  • SIMO (single inductor multiple output) switched-mode power supplies for nerve stimulation