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Smart radio IC designed by AnSem engineer in the news

Bits and Chips has devoted an article on a smart radio IC designed by Dirk-Jan van den Broek, Senior Design Engineer at the Design Center of AnSem in Enschede, the Netherlands. Dirk-Jan will defend his PhD thesis at the University of Twente on May 12th. The innovative radio chip is able to transmit...

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AnSem qualifies as R&D partner for French tax system

For the second time in a row, AnSem qualifies for a three year period as an R&D center under Article 244 quarter B of the French tax system. Under this rule, French companies get an extra tax credit for their R&D expenses when collaborating with qualified partners. Key elements of this...

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AnSem has moved to larger offices on the same site!

AnSem has experienced considerable organic growth in the last years and has recently moved to a larger fully renovated building on the same site in Heverlee. These offices have been stripped and refurbished to a high standard to offer light and space, which adds to the well-being of our human...

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AnSem expands operations in Enschede, The Netherlands

AnSem NV, the leading analog, RF and mixed-signal ASIC solutions company expands its operations, opening an office in Enschede, The Netherlands. The Dutch design center will be headed by Clemens Mensink, who has over 20 years of IC experience. AnSem BV will be located close to the University of...

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AnSem supports Bart Swings on the road to the Olympic Winter Games of 2018

AnSem is proud to announce it has become the official partner of Bart Swings, long track speed skater and multiple European and world champion inline speed skater. The partnership between AnSem and Bart Swings from Leuven is a match made in heaven, since Bart is a 4th year student Electrical...

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We are ISO 9001:2015 certified

AnSem is one of the first in Belgium and the very first in its sector to receive its ISO 9001:2015 certification for 'Design & delivery of analog & mixed-signal integrated circuits and ASICS for customers worldwide'.  "The wiki system that AnSem introduced in 2012 is a...

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Sensimed receives FDA product approval for its Contact Lens with AnSem ASIC.

Sensimed received the marketing clearance of its first-of-kind product, the SENSIMED Triggerfish®, by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The SENSIMED Triggerfish® is a unique sensor-embedded contact lens based system that Sensimed developed with the aim to improve the management...

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AnSem is growing to bring more innovation on chip...

Over the last 4 months, we already welcomed five new employees to our design team and no less than three designers with a PhD degree. This underlines AnSem’s commitment to bring innovation on chip and to serve customers with high quality design services and ASIC solutions in the custom IC...

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Wouter Volkaerts wins the IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society Predoctoral Achievement Award 2015-2016.

Wouter Volkaerts, PhD, and Senior design engineer at AnSem wins a prestigious Predoctoral Achievement Award.  IEEE-SSCS honors promising doctoral students with a  Predoctoral Achievement Awards and provide a $1000 honorarium and reimbursement for travel expenses to ISSCC, the Society's...

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Tracking marine animals with SATCOMS

Satellite monitoring of wildlife has become a critical tool for environmental research and nature preservation. In acknowledgement of this, ESA has been supporting the development and testing of a new low-cost wildlife tag. Currently being developed in an on-going ARTES 5.1 activity, the new...

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Automatic localization system reduces testing time for vibrational analysis

Vibrational analysis and testing is a critical phase during the design and development of mechanical structures like bridges, planes and cars. Siemens Industry Software NV offers vibration testing solutions where up to a thousand accelerometers can be placed on these structures. An essential factor...

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Become part of our team. We're hiring.

Looking for a career in Analog design? Check out our careers page…  

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AnSem's PLC technology extends communication range of G3 with 25%

AnSem demonstrated its software-defined Power Line Communication (PLC) technology at a workshop of the Wireless Community and Smart Grid Flanders. Based on AnSem's Analog Front End (ANS6201) and NXP's CoolFlux BSP a multi-standard PLC modem was developed within the CoPlaSM-project financed by the...

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Flemish collaborative effort reports communication module breakthrough advancing smart metering

Leuven (Belgium)—Nov. 3, 2014 — At this week’s European Utility Week, held in Amsterdam from Nov. 4 through Nov. 6, imec, iMinds, and their partners in the iMinds ICON-project CoPlaSM present the results of the two-year project (initiated in January 2013) to realize and...

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AnSem delivers ISO26262 compliant automotive IC building blocks

The trend in automotive industry towards ever more electronic control of all mechanical components is pushing the need for miniaturization of controller systems in cars. These systems need to monitor multiple parameters in harsh environments where large temperature fluctuations and electromagnetic...

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AnSem, a fabless mixed signal and RF ASIC company, delivers first Mipi transceiver PHY

Today AnSem announces that it delivered its first Mipi compliant transceiver PHY in an ASIC design. Building upon its long history of developing high speed SERDES interfaces for the telecom and PCB interconnect applications, AnSem was commissioned by an ASIC customer to  develop Ultra-low...

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AnSem demonstrates DSP expertise in Argos satellite SoC

Argos is a satellite-based system which collects, processes and disseminates environmental data from fixed and mobile platforms worldwide. What makes Argos unique is the ability to clearly geographically locate the source of the data anywhere on the Earth utilizing the Doppler effect. Argos can...

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AnSem presents at the Chiportal Technology Symposium in Israel.

Jan Crols, CTO of AnSem, will present at the Technology Symposium "What Next". In his presentation, "Advantages of the analog design in the digital world", he will cover wireless energy transfer, analog RFID and 2.4GHz radio chip design in deep submicron 65/40nm technologies. He will show how...

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De Wereld is Analoog - Interconnect

Article in Interconnect nr42 - Juli 2013 (Dutch)    

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Continued growth in Analog ASICs & RFIC design

For the 15th year in a row, AnSem is pleased to announce that it ended its fiscal year once again with a positive result. Since its inception 15 years ago, AnSem has consistently generated a profit every year, which makes AnSem a financially stable and solid partner to its customers. In 2012,...

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ANS6201, an Analog Front End that makes Power Line Communication for smart grids more reliable

Leuven, February 18th, 2013 - AnSem NV, Europe's leading analog ASIC design service company, announces the availability of a flexible and low power Analog Front End (AFE) for power line communication (PLC) in the lower frequency bands. The ANS6201 is a single chip Analog Front End built in...

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ASIC in der Linse - Medizin und Elektronik

Article in Medizin und Elektronik - Februari 2013

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