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Healthcare and the field of Medical Electronics in general, is a challenging market where innovation and high-fidelity meet.  Developing successful medical systems for demanding applications takes a high level of expertise and a rigorous approach to quality.  AnSem brings a breadth and depth of experience to take on the most challenging projects. Along with ISO 9001.2008 accreditation we have proven capabilities to take on complete systems with our expertise in ASIC system design, testing and production.  Using AnSem's Quality Management System, quality is linked throughout the ASIC product lifecycle, tracking every step in design, production, suppliers, and post-production.  

To serve our medical customers, AnSem has strong partners offering flexible manufacturing and a non-obsolescence foundry process policy that is well matched to the needs of medical device applications.  Our partners are committed to supporting long-life products and are dedicated to building long-term relationships.

Healthcare ASIC market segments

  • Medical imaging:
    • Electronics for CT, Ultrasound, MRI, PET/PET-CT, Analog X-Ray, Digital X-Ray
  • Diagnostics:
    • Electronics for ExG, Mass diagnostics, Bioluminescence Imaging (BLI) technology
  • Patient monitoring:
    • Electronics for professional care diagnostics equipment, Multiparameter patient monitors, Nurse call buttons, Alarms
  • Personal health and wellness monitor:
    • Electronic blood glucose meters, Blood pressure monitors, Electronic cholesterol monitors, Heart monitors & pedometers, Hearing aids,  Implantable devices.

Success stories

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