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Industrial applications cover a very diverse range. AnSem has been designing analog ASICs meeting the functionality, area and power consumption constraints set by the customer and the market needs.

Industrial ASIC market segments

  • Lighting, Building automation and HVAC: Fire detection, CCTV/Video Surveillance Cameras, Intruder alarm, Electronic utility metering, Thermostats & Controls
  • Test equipment: Automated test equipment for semiconductors, Digital multimeters, Network analyzers, Digital oscilloscopes
  • Electronic point of sale: ATM, Handheld EFT transaction terminals, vending machines
  • Factory automation & control: Flow, level, pressure and temperature measurement
  • Motor drives: AC variable speed drives, DC drives, Servo drives, Stepper drives, Soft starters/brakes
  • Power & energy: AC/DC power supplies, DC/DC converters, DC/AC power inverters, Industrial battery chargers, UPS, Generators, Renewable energy (Hydro/Solar/Wind)

Success stories

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