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Multi standard modem for Power Line Communication: ANS6210

Multi standard modem for Power Line Communication: ANS6210

The real world problem

We face a revolution in energy production and consumption.  Green and sustainable energy makes production more and more distributed.  New applications, like electric vehicles, water boilers, … are changing the usage and storage of energy.  The grid is changing from a 1-way streaming topology to a 2-way interactive energy network.  In order to exploit a reliable and stable grid a continuously monitoring and communication is required.

There is a need for a future-proof and hence Software-upgradable communication platform that can cope with the fast evolutions in power line communication standards.  Significant cost reductions of the actual platforms through a high level integration as well as through the increase of the lifetime of the solutions are required.

The solution

AnSem has developed a multi standard modem solution for Narrow band Power Line Communication (NB-PLC) that is part of a communication platform for smart grids and smart homes.  A SW-defined Power Line Communication solution (ANS6210) is offered by AnSem combining a digital modem on a DSP together with a programmable AFE.  The SW-defined approach makes a flexible and future-proof platform possible on which various PHY-protocols can be used and updated.

The platform is capable to run different NB-PLC protocols: G.hnem (ITU-T G.9902), G3-PLC (ITU-T G.9903), PRIME (ITU-T G.9904), IEEE 1901.2, S-FSK (IEC 61334).  Two PHY-layers, demonstrating the functionality under different modulation techniques (S-FSK and OFDM), are implemented on a FPGA for communication in the CENELEC-A band.

AnSem ANS6210

Key technical statistics

  • Narrow band PLC in frequency range 9-500 kHz
  • High speed data interface to ANS6201 AFE: up to 32 Mbps
  • Ultra-low power DSP
  • Working frequency on FPGA: 76.8 MHz
  • Communication functions on DSP: Viterbi, FFT, complex arithmetic
  • Development board with FPGA (Altera Arria V)
  • Developed G3 (ITU-T G.9903) PHY stack:
    • Various modulations: ROBO, DBPSK, DQPSK, D8PSK
    • Reed Solomon encoding, Convolutional encoding, Interleaving
    • Tone mapping, subcarrier SNR for channel correction, autocorrelation, cross-correlation
  • Developed S-FSK (IEC 61334) PHY stack:
    • Programmable carrier frequency, frequency scanning
    • FEC encoding