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Smart Grid Smart Home - Power Line Communication IC solutions

Smart Grid Smart Home - Power Line Communication IC solutions

The Challenge

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The integration of renewable energy sources and electric vehicles into the electricity grid and into the energy system of a building creates new requirements for the safe and reliable operation of these systems. The energy companies (DSO's, TSO's, producers, ESCO's, aggregators, …) are looking for new communication technologies with a high and reliable date rate at low power and low costs to manage these systems in a technical as well as an economic way.  This is required for an optimized balance between energy production and consumption at all times. Several communication protocols, standards and products are under development at this moment, announcing a future with a variety of evolving solutions. Also taking into account that various sources and consumers can be available in a building and or grid, these communication technologies must be able to handle a lot of different devices in a flexible and interoperable way.

Smart Grid - Smart Home ASIC market segments

Smart Grid Smart Home
  • Smart metering
    • Automatic meter reading and billing
    • Dynamic pricing
  • Smart grids and micro grids
    • Next generation electricity network for optimized and balanced production and consumption
    • Demand response : intelligent scheduling to avoid peak electricity demand and production
  • Smart energy buildings
    • Domotic building system with energy control of devices and lighting
    • Consumption history and statistics consultation
    • Management of local electricity production (PV, wind), storage and consumption
    • Custom scheduling of each appliance
    • low power hardware integrated node for energy monitoring and control of home appliances and lighting
  • Electric vehicles
    • Optimal Charging
    • Management of electric vehicle as storage in the Smart Grid
    • Diagnostics and uploading