AnSem - Innovation on chip




AnSem aims to be a leading fabless ASIC Design Service company, designing and delivering state-of-the-art analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits to customers worldwide.


1998, spin-off from K.U.Leuven and IMEC


AnSem NV
Esperantolaan 9
3001 Heverlee (Leuven), Belgium


Leading system OEM companies and design houses, predominantly active in the healthcare, communications, industrial and aerospace & defense markets.


  • ASIC solutions:
    • Design and supply chain management services of power efficient, cost effective and high volume state-of-the-art integrated analog and mixed-signal system chips.
  • Custom IC design:
    • Cutting-edge, full custom analog and mixed-signal IC design


  • More than 400 years of ASIC design experience.
  • Completed more than 80 designs

ASIC design expertise domains

  • Wired data transmission (Line driver/Receiver, PLL & CDR, SerDes,...)
  • Wireless data transmission (40KHz Ultrasonic, 13.56MHz RFID, 200MHz medical, 434/868MHz ISM, 2.4GHz Low Energy, 6GHz professional radio & WiMAx, Full radio concept, architecture & IC circuit design down to 40nm,...)
  • Sensor data acquisition (High precision (V,T) drivers for multiple types of sensors and MEMS, High voltage drivers for array of MEMS switches,...)
  • Ultra low-power (200MHz radio operating from a battery down to 0.9V, Ultra low power deserialisers up to 6Gbps, remote control for configuration of implants, wake up circuits,...)
  • High voltage (MI inductive links for short range energy & data transfer, Power management: DCDC, LDO, MEMS drivers,...)


ISO 9001 certified since 2007