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05/02/2015: Wireless Community 18th Work Meeting Smart Metering needs Smart Communication

Wireless Community 18th Work Meeting  Smart Metering needs Smart Communication

5 February 2015 at imec – Leuven

Smart Metering needs Smart Communication

This workshop will be organised in collaboration with Smart Grids Flanders (, the member organisation that promotes the roll out of smart energy grids, in Flanders and internationally.

The programma includes both oral presentations and demos, including:

  • existing and emerging wireless/PLC/cable communication standards for smart metering
  • software-defined multi-standard multi-technology communication technology
  • regulation for smart metering in a European context
  • use cases of smart metering in electrcity, water and gas distribution networks
  • smart metering and monitoring in the grid infrastructure
  • smart metering for residential applications
  • proof-of-concepts and pilot studies for smart metering

AnSem will cover a presentation about Software-upgradeable multi-standard solutions for power line communication.

Abstract of the presentation:

Power line communication forms one of the cornerstones of the communication network within a smart grid/smart home environment.  The PLC-technology has to be flexible to evolve with the market needs as well as with the different regulations and protocols worldwide.  With a software defined PLC approach, using a flexible analog front end and a DSP modem, a communication platform is developed that can handle different PLC-protocols for various frequency bands. It delivers a cost-effective solution that can withstand the lifetime of smart meters.


imec, Kapeldreef 75, 3001 Heverlee

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