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03/04/2015: Seminar: Future Indoor Localization and Tracking Solutions

Seminar: Future Indoor Localization and Tracking Solutions

Results obtained within the OmniTrack IWT SBO project through a collaboration between Flanders Make, KU Leuven, AnSem and Siemens PLM Software

Indoor localization technology, which allows to identify and locate process-critical assets in real-time, is on the verge of a breakthrough, with potential applications in e.g. factory automation, warehousing and logistics, healthcare, safety, security and smart buildings.

On Friday, 3 April 2015, Flanders Make and KU Leuven will organize a seminar about future indoor localization and tracking solutions that strike the optimal trade-off between position accuracy, update rate and power consumption.

During this seminar, speakers from Siemens PLM Software, AnSem, KU Leuven and Flanders Make will present the challenges, the key results and lessons learned from two generic use cases of the OmniTrack project. 

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