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09/06/2015: A bird's eye view on chips

A bird's eye view on chips

A bird's eye view on chips - technical and economical aspects


Half day course organized by Imec academy.

Stefan Gogaert, CEO of AnSem is part of the lecturing team. 

Bird eye’s view on Chips will give answers to the following questions:

  • What are ASICs and FPGAs? Which essential steps make up the design flow?
  • Should you consider an ASIC for your product? Why (not)?
  • When could FPGAs be a viable option?
  • Will all ASICs go mixed-signal?
  • What does it take to get from a design to a tested chip? How much time will or could it take?
  • What are the different cost factors to be accounted for in ASIC realization projects? How high can they be expected to be?
  • How can risks be managed in ASIC and FPGA projects?
  • Is deeply scaled technology an opportunity, a luxury, essential?

When & Where?

  • June 9th, 2015 
  • Televic Group - Leo Bekaertlaan 1 - 8870 Izegem

Training Details

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