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AnSem presents at SSIS - Smart Systems Industry Summit 2013

AnSem presents at SSIS - Smart Systems Industry Summit 2013

On December 4th 2013, DSP Valley organizes its first edition of the international conference and exhibition "Smart Systems Industry Summit". The SSIS offers an international conference focusing on Designing Smart Products and an exhibition representing over 40 companies worldwide. Dirk De Keukeleere, Project manager Smarthomelink development of AnSem will speak at the conference about AnSem's Analog Front End for powerline communication.

Abstract of the presentation

Under its SmartHomeLink program, AnSem has developed an Analog Front End (AFE) for powerline communication which can be used for smart grid and smart home applications.  A Software defined approach was taken in the design process to obtain a smart and flexible solution.
With this Software defined approach, it is possible to use the same AFE-chip all around the globe in various electricity grids with different communication protocols. It also creates the possibility to adapt to future requirements and protocols enhancing the durability of the AFE-chip. The flexibility within the Analog Front End can be used to optimize the communication quality and to increase the reliability. Taking into account the dynamically changing conditions of the powerline, e.g. through noise induced by appliances, the parameters of the Analog Front End can be set to withstand these communication disablers.  Within this presentation we will demonstrate these market and technology obstacles and the smart way in which we handle them.

About SSIS

The Smart Systems Industry Summit (SSIS) is an international oriented business conference. The SSIS gathers high level and qualitative experts in the field of micro- and nano electronics and application domains. The aim is to provide a platform for business and technology experts to present and discuss their most recent developments, current practices and future innovation trends. The Summit attracts captains of industry, leading companies, technology experts, as well as startups, SME's with highly specific knowhow and innovative track record, venture capitalists and government officials.
The SSIS offers an international conference focusing on Designing Smart Products and an exhibition, representing over 40 companies worldwide. The conference consists of 5 tracks with inspiring speakers on Smart Health, Smart Home, Smart Vision, Smart Connectivity and Smart Semiconductor.

In general, the SSIS offers a unique business forum and networking platform for all innovative actors.

The detailed program can be found here.


Lamot Conference Center
Van Beethovenstraat 8-10


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