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AnSem presents at SSIS - Smart Systems Industry Summit 2014

AnSem presents at SSIS - Smart Systems Industry Summit 2014

On October 14th 2014, DSP Valley organizes the second edition of the international conference and exhibition "Smart Systems Industry Summit". The Smart Systems Industry Summit (SSIS) is an international oriented business conference, gathering high level, qualitative experts in the field of micro– and nano electronics and application domains. The aim is to provide a platform for business and technology experts to present and discuss their most recent developments, current practices and future innovation trends.

AnSem will cover 2 presentations in track 3 (Smart home and Business) and Track 4 (Smart Localization & Vehicles).

Parallel to the conference, a unique exhibition is held. We look forward to welcoming you at booth nr 19.


Abstract of the presentation in Track 3 - Smart home and Business


Multi-connectivity with a flexible communication set-up, robust data exchange and cost optimization will be important for the effective roll-out of smart metering. Several candidate communication technologies are available today and new developments will open up new opportunities to improve the performance of smart meters. On the other hand, the market requires a future-proof smart meter with a long life time. To solve this paradigm, CoPlaSM brings several technologies together in a software defined, multi-standard, upgradable and environment-aware communication platform. The ANS6201, an Analog Front End for powerline communication serves as the powerline interface chip on this platform.

Eandis and AnSem are two partners within the CoPlaSM-project.  Eandis as distribution system operator is looking for cost effective solutions for communication platforms that can handle the different upcoming use cases and requirements around smart meters. AnSem as a semiconductor company is developing chip-technology (ANS6201, an Analog Front End for powerline communication)   that can be used in this growing business all around the world.  Whereas CoPlaSM explores different communication technologies such as Ethernet and wireless technologies, both parties have a special interest in Power Line communication.

Abstract of the presentation in Track 4 - Smart Localization & Vehicles

ULTRASONIC, KNOW IT, LOVE IT (Ybe Creten, Project Leader AnSem)

Ultrasonic is a technology that is widely used in the medical industry for imaging but can serve also other markets. In this presentation, different technologies for outdoor and indoor localization in a number of user scenarios will be compared. Then the use of Ultrasonic for indoor distance measurement in the Omnitrack program will be shown.  AnSem known as a leading ASIC  design and supply company, demonstrates in this program it can also provide customer specific  system development and prototyping under its TurnKey ASIC business service.

About SSIS

More information about SSIS and the detailed program can be found here.


Lamot Conference Center
Van Beethovenstraat 8-10


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