Digital and mixed-signal design engineer (BE and NL)

Job summary

Designs digital and mixed-signal integrated building blocks of moderate complexity for RF CMOS, high‑speed data communication, data acquisition and low‑power & low‑voltage applications.

Key responsibilities & tasks

Key responsibilities

  1. Contributes to the successful realization of a project in a design team.
  2. Autonomously designs a digital block, given a functional requirement specification (FRS), to meet the given specifications in the foreseen timeframe.
  3. Achieves the successful realization of the synthesis (meet timing and area requirements), in-house or in close cooperation with third party.
  4. Achieves the successful realization of the layout (meet timing constraints in back annotation), in‑house or in close cooperation with third party.
  5. Shares design experiences with co-developers and/or other designers of the company.
  6. Contributes to the achievement of the quality objectives as stated in the quality policy of AnSem.


  • Design & Layout
    • Performs design and takes corrective actions in such a way that the final result meets all requirements as stated in the section ‘Functional Requirements Specification (FRS)’ of the Design document, including all remarks from review.
    • Write, compile and simulate black box (VHDL-behavior) models for analog blocks, given a functional description
    • Write, compile and simulate VHDL-RTL code for digital blocks
    • Verify the VDHL-RTL code as specified in the digital design guidelines.
    • Perform synthesis check as specified in the digital design guidelines
    • Verify the digital design after layout, as described in the digital design guidelines, using STA or SDF.
    • Takes care of digital block specification that fail after layout
    • Perform FPGA development/testing for digital design (supported by AVE)
  • Reporting & Communication
    • Signs the project planning with “seen by” and carries out the assigned tasks as planned.
    • Reports proactively progress and slippage of assigned tasks to PL
    • Writes design document including 1 page summary and updates Digital Block review document,
    • Delivers the following files to PL:
      • VHDL-RTL code of the digital block
      • Testbenches digital design
      • Timing constraints
    • Notifies PL that the digital design is ready for review.
    • Reports all design issues that come up during the layout review in the Block review document, including a corrective action list and delivers update to LE
    • Approves numbers and archives the Block review document, section layout, in accordance to the Design guidelines.
    • Updates the design document and Block review document after SDL/STA
    • Makes notes of all oral communication with external people.
    • Fills in weekly time sheet form including planning, comments and remaining work
    • Hands over all received printed project related documentation to Admin.
    • Other duties as assigned and according to the priorities of the moment.
  • Meetings
    • Organizes design review meeting with PL and possibly a 3rd person to check if all the design spec requirements are met as stated in the Design document.
    • Attends weekly Design team meeting.
    • Attends wrap-up meeting

Job Requirements


  • Degree in electrical engineering (microelectronics preferred).
  • Prior industrial experience in digital and mixed-signal design is not required but of added value.

Mandatory competences

  • Technical:
    A good basic knowledge of digital electronics is a must.
    A basic knowledge of VHDL
  • Language: Fluency in English, both written and spoken.


  • Technical: familiar with Verilog
  • Language: understanding of Dutch
  • Social skills: Able to work in a team.
  • Problem solving skills: Able to solve problems and implement solutions autonomously.
  • Verbal and written communication skills: Able to communicate information and ideas in speaking and writing so others will understand.


  • An international environment with a winning appetite and focus on quality.
  • AnSem offers plenty of training & development initiatives to ensure your growth!
  • An attractive remuneration package with several extra-legal benefits such as group insurance, hospitalization insurance, meal vouchers, bonus etc.
  • Our headquarter offices are situated at the Researchpark in Heverlee, Belgium. We have a second design center in the Kennispark in Enschede, The Netherlands.