Custom IC Design

State of the art analog and mixed-signal IC design
based upon a large experience with advanced custom IC projects.

IC Expertise

AnSem has the right expertise to bring your innovation on chip!

  • Full radio concept, architecture & IC circuit design, lab testing
  • From 40kHz for Ultrasonic , over all ISM bands, to 6GHz for professional radio
  • DSP based and hardwired PHY modem implementations
  • Technologies from 0.25µm to 40nm
  • CMOS and BiCMOS
  • Zero-IF , low-IF architectures
  • FSK modulation through sigma delta
  • AM modulation on PA
  • Sigma Delta Fractional –N synthesizers
  • Integrated VCO and loop filters
  • 6.25GHZ VCO with 134.1dBc/Hz phase noise at 1MHz offset
  • 25% overlapping mixers
  • 400MHz BPSK, QPSK an differential GMSK transceiver
  • Active RC filters
  • Active and passive polyphase filters
  • 13.56MHz inductive energy and data transfer
  • Back scattering communication via load modulation
  • 1.8GHz /2.4GHz, 16QAM zero-IF transceiver
  • 40KHz inductive wake up receiver consuming < 50µA
  • 40KHz ultrasonic receiver
  • Integrated VCO and loop filters
  • 20dBm output for UHF RFID
  • On chip matching network with 10dB passive gain on RX
  • Analog & digital RSSI
  • 400MHz 250mW PA
  • SerDes front ends and IOs from 622Mbps up to 10Gbps
  • AFEs and line drivers for 10Mbps and 1Mbps OFDM based communication
  • SONET OC3, OC12 and OC-192 (155Mbps, 622Mbps, 10Gbps)
  • 4Gbs 19mW ultra low power Serdes receiver
  • 30µApp input sensitivity
  • 6.5Gbps deserializer suitable for CDR stream with 64 consecutive 1’s or0’s
  • Ring oscillator for high speed CDR
  • LC oscillator for low jitter serializer
  • 8b/10b encoding and decoding
  • Serial/parallel loop back BIST
  • Built in PRBS generator for automated testing
  • LVDS, SSTL, LVPECL IO structures
  • 600MHz LVDS driver
  • 3nV/Hz low noise PGA
  • 20.25dBm line driver
  • 12b DAC @160Msps
  • 12b ADC @80MSps
  • 12b 2Mhz DAC
  • 12B DAC @400MHz
  • 12b time interleaved ADC @400Msps
  • 12b 2Msps ADC
  • Internal clock multiplier with multi-clock output
  • Pre power amplifier with over-current protection
  • Programmable filters
  • 200MHz radio operating from a battery down to 0.9V
  • Ultra-low power deserialisers up to 6Gbps
  • Remote control
  • 170µW microphone amplifier
  • Capacitorless LDOs distributed over power planes
  • 2.4Ghz transceiver directly operating from a Zn-Air battery
  • microLDO
  • 20kHz relaxation oscillator: +5% accuracy | < 175nA
  • LDO 1.8V, 0.5 – 50µA | < 16nA
  • Bandgap | < 100nA
  • Battery end of life detection: +0.06V accuracy
  • MI inductive links for short range energy & data transfer (analog RFID)
  • Power management: DCDC, LDO
  • MEMS drivers
  • TSMC 0.18µm BCD GENI II, OnSemi I3Tx 0.35µm, OnSemi I4T 0.18µm, 130nm 40V BCD from an IDM
  • 25V current sources for nerve stimulation
  • 15V LDO.
  • 25 DCDC converter
  • 18V AB line driver delivering 20dBm output power in 78load
  • High Voltage switch connecting line driver to cable
  • +-12V 9b DAC
  • High precision (V,T) drivers and signal conditioning for multiple types of sensors and MEMS
  • High voltage drivers for array of MEMS switches
  • Temperature compensation
  • Amplitude regulation
  • nA design techniques preventing performance degradation through leakage
  • 17b ADC with low noise sampling and temperature compensation
  • +-0.1C accurate temperature sensor in 15 – 30 C range
  • Ambient and IR light sensor interface
  • Relative Humidity sensor interface with +-2% accuracy
  • Position sensor interface
  • Magneto-resistive, tunnel-magneto-resistive and hall interface
  • Torque sensor interface
  • Sent interface
  • Phase feedback for sensing 3 motor phases
  • Wake up at KL15 or via CAN/FlexRay interface
  • OFDM PHY modem for PLC : DBPSK, DQPSK, D8PSK
  • AGC, RS-encoder, Convolutional encoder, Interleaver, Scrambler, Preamble detector, Subcarrier SNR
  • FM demodulator
  • Ultra-low Power Coolflux DSP
  • ARM Cortex M0, ARM Cortex M4
  • FGA to ASIC conversion
  • Interfaces: SPI, I²C, JTAG
  • TAP controller
  • Scan chain, NAND tree, memory BIST
  •  Arm Approved Design Partner

AnSem's IP Library

Next to a pool of 600+ circuit building blocks,
across a variety of technologies, AnSem also has Macro level IP.

Our design methodology

AnSem complements industry standard EDA tools with a proprietary EDA sizing tool and automation scripts. The Matlab based sizing program allows quick and efficient circuit design through a formal description of the sizing of transistors. All steps in the design flow are linked with Matlab and Python based scripts. Toplevel simulations at transistor level as well as with behavioral models, together with regression testing, with a goal of 100% simulation coverage across all corners , ensure AnSem’s first time functional success rate. Monte Carlo and circuit startup simulations on the backannotated netlist, together with EMC/EMI simulations and at speed digital testing can be added to the design to support the automotive goal of 0ppm over the lifetime of the IC.

  • Cadence – Virtuoso for schematic entry and layout
  • Spectre(RF) and Eldo(RF) and APS for analog, digital and mixed-signal simulations
  • Cadence and Mentor based digital tools for simulation, synthesis, logic equivalence checking, timing closure, STA, formal verification, place-and-route and ATPG test pattern generation
  • Extensive library of pCells
  • Mentor Calibre for physical Verification (DRC/LVS) and parasitic extraction (xRC) and Analog FastSpice™ (AFS)
  • VerilogA and VHDL AMS for analog behavioral modeling
  • Cliosoft for version control
  • Matlab (including custom toolboxes) and Simulink for concept definitions and system design
  • Matlab and Python script-based control of the complete flow

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is embedded in our DNA

AnSem’s Quality Assurance is aimed at delivering best in class quality in all its products and services. Our stringent quality procedures are continually re-assessed and improved to assure our products and services remain consistently high, efficient and cost effective to our customers.

We strive to:

  • Provide technologically advanced and innovative design solutions
  • Guarantee reliability in all our products and processes
  • Develop relationships with suppliers that meet our quality standards of excellence
  • Provide total customer satisfaction

AnSem is an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO13485:2016 certified company.

  • Design flow embedded in Quality Assurance system of AnSem
  • Standardized test benches for each building block
  • Peer review of all blocks
  • Gating milestones with management reviews
  • Permanent auditing of Quality Assurance compliance by peer engineers
  • Automotive Quality options compliant with TS16949: DFEMA, 15y record retention, PPAP, APQQ, AEC-100, 8D problem solving

Measurement lab

Measuring is knowing

Application board and system design

AnSem can support its customers with pre-ASIC proof of Concept design.

  • Development of complete HW & embedded SW system for Proof of Concept
  • FPGA: Arria 5, Cyclone, Igloo Nano
  • MCU: Atmel AVR, TI MSP430, PIC, Freescale Kinetis, Cypress PSoC
  • Python, Matlab or C/C++
  • PCB design, Manufacturing and Assembly

Lab characterization of ASICs

To validate the IC design, AnSem tests all developed ICs in its lab. This includes

  • functional and electrical testing in the lab under typical conditions,
  • full characterization over all specified conditions (Process, Variation, Voltage & Temperature )
  • EMC testing
  • support for production testing.
  • internal test board design

Lab equipment

  • Fully equipped ESD protected benches
  • Automated measurements (Python)
  • All equipment regularly calibrated
  • Thermal measurements (-60 to +225C)
  • In-house test board design
  • Microscope inspection
  • Thermo streamers
  • Oscilloscopes with active probes up to 8 GHz
  • Spectrum Analyzers DC to 22 GHz
  • Network Analyzers 30 kHz to 6 GHz
  • RF Signal Generators 5 kHz to 6.4 GHz

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