Lab Validation Engineer (BE)

Job summary

Supports project teams with development of PCBs and test set-ups and performs tests and measurements of integrated circuits. Supports customers with the usage of AnSem proprietary ICs.

Key responsibilities & tasks

Key responsibilities

  • Designs hard- and software to test the functionality of an integrated circuit.
  • Maintains the measurement lab infrastructure.
  • Provides technical support to customers to assist in implementing the AnSem proprietary integrated circuit in the application.
  • Contributes to the achievement of the quality objectives.


  • Measurement & Testing
    • Checks performance of the chip as specified in the measurement plan
    • Prepares hardware and software set-up
    • Enters the design schematic in the schematic entry tool and translates it to a functional PCB layout.
    • Assembles PCBs.
    • Performs the required measurements of an integrated circuit.
    • Writes software to support and automate the tests and measurements.
    • Writes firmware for microcontrollers to support the tests and measurements.
    • Performs synthesis, fitting and timing analysis of a digital design on an FPGA.
    • Participates in the evaluation of test requirements during the pre-study phase
    • Takes notice of the list of equipment needed to test the key specifications and takes corrective action when possible problems may occur.
  • Reporting & Communication
    • Writes measurement plan and measurement results.
    • Reports proactively progress and slippage of assigned tasks to the project leader.
    • Communicates with customers to solve implementation issues.
    • Makes notes of all oral communication with external people.
    • Fills in weekly time sheet form including planning, comments and remaining work
  • Measurement lab
    • Supports design engineers in using the measurement lab.
  • Quality
    • Uses AnSem's issue tracking system to post customer complaints, non-conformities and quality improvement proposals.

Job Requirements

  • Degree in electrical engineering (microelectronics preferred).
  • Prior experience in test and measurement is a plus
  • A basic knowledge of analog and digital electronics is mandatory
  • Accurate in work
  • Software knowledge of Matlab, Python, Windows is required
  • Able to solve problems and implement practical solutions autonomously.
  • Fluency in English, both written and spoken.


A challenging environment within a medium size local company

Plenty of training & development initiatives to ensure your growth!

A competitive remuneration package

Our offices are situated at the Researchpark in Heverlee, Belgium